Tank and compressor

My compressor burnt up this weekend and now im looking for a 3-5 gallon tank and a used compressor. I’ve been lost without my horn.

ru its ur compressor? may just be ur pressure switch

or fuse?

No im pretty sure its the compressor. It sounds like something in the guts of it has broke. It vibrates like crazy now and will only pump to about 50 psi. It was one of the compressor inside the tank combo’s. It was used when i bought it now its junk.

What compressor do you have?

If it runs… you can repair it - unless you have managed to break the output shaft of the unit, and then you have a brand new doorstop!

I dont know what compressor i have. There are no markings of any sort on it so your guess is good as mine. If i dont go with a used one, what is the best compressor to pair with a 5 gallon tank.

It all depends on what you’re trying to do with your air source.

Can you take a photo of this mystery compressor for me? I can help you figure out what it is. Some companies offer rebuild parts for pumps, while others do not.

Typically, a decent size 100% duty cycle pump like a 450C can handle a 5 gallon tank, but the refill rates may be slow. If all you’re doing is horns, then this may work out just fine. A Dual Pack, will cut the refill rate down by half, and a larger compressor such as a 495C (available very soon) will give you the best of both worlds.

oh i thought u had a viar compresser already…
guess its time for u to get one now…lol

Oasis lol :smiley:

Let us know if you need a compressor. We will give you a good price.


i think HB needs to carry engine driven compressors…lol

Engine driven compressors take away from your a/c

why would they take away from your ac?

bolt on kits wont take away from ur ac


Because the off road enthusiast would disconnect their a/c and use the pump for an air compressor but by adding another pump w/ electric clutch, the right bracket, and another belt you can have both.