Tank loses air when temp drops

Quick question , my air tank on my horn setup works awesome when it is warmer. But when the temperature drops to freezing, my tank constantly loses pressure causing my compressor to run too much. It is a viair tank with horn blaster horns . I pulled the fuse to keep it from doing this all winter . It runs fine in warmer temperatures. I have no substantial leaks as it holds air fine in the summer and doesn’t lose more than 5 or 10 psi in a 24 hour period. But in the winter the compressor will kick on every 5 minutes. Any ideas?

Sounds normal. We have a lot of folks with four seasons reporting the same thing.

I get it as well even though I don’t leak any air in the better temps.


Air pressure will drop in cold temperatures and also rise in warm temperatures. Then if you have a small tank, like less than 20 gallons then your air compressor will likely keep cycling more to keep up if it is cold.