Tank question???

Ok Guys… some help please if poss???

I’m chuffed to bits with my new Install:D:D:D But…I went for a 2 gallon tank as it would have fitted perfect in the front of my MR2. However, now that the install is in the boot I have more room, and really I want a bigger tank. My trouble being is if I order a HB tank, It’ll cost me three time the cost of the tank in shipping it to the uk and seeing as this tank is currently only on approx $6 (£4.99) I think it might be worth going for?

I possibly have the chance to buy this Tank. Its not new but with a little work I’m sure I could get this looking spanking!!! Also the long HORNBLASTERS sticker I got would look awesome on it!!!
And it would fit in my boot a treat! MORE AIR:D

A bit about the tank.

Length 950mm. A diameter of 235mm

Weight is around 30 kgs.

0.04 cubic metres which is 40 litres. Which by my calculations is approx 10 gallons.

The tank has a plate on it saying—

Harris Bros B’ham, UK

Design Press 11.0 bars I think thats about 160psi?

Hyd Test Pressure 16.5

Code design Class –3E

I believe it has 2 x 1/4 inch outlets, not sure what size is on both ends.

Some Pics:-

Question time please gentlemen?

  1. Will my 400c Viair be able to cope pumping this tank?

  2. I had other questions, but now I’m typing this I cant remember.:confused:

  3. Still cant think.:confused::confused:

  4. Nope still not popped into my head, so please could someone advise me on question 1:confused::confused::confused:

As normal, any help would be mucho appreciated.

that tank looks bad

Is that BAD as in GOOD??? or Bad as in No Good?? lol…

I think he means no good because of the rust. It might be rusted inside too.

Hmmmm…do you think??? The description says surface rust only, but looking at one of the ports closely there does seem to be rust.
I’ll keep an eye on it… for £4.99 its not going to be the end of the world if it is a pile of pants. (but I’ve taken on board wot you said tho, thanks).

pretty much all tanks are going to have rust on the inside unless its a stainless tank… Most tanks are so thick tho, the rust wont effect it.

hahaha, pete you talk just like that guy on Wheeler Dealers!! Do you know what show I’m talking about? haha, that’s great

Anyway, there’s got to be an air supply company in the UK, semi trucks need these kind of air tanks.

And one 400C is not good for a 10 gallon tank, it’s recommended to have one compressor per 5 gallons.

thats right :slight_smile:

Well the tank i bought off you has a decent amount of rust on inside too… dont get me wrong, im not complaining , but its something we all must deal with… Steel + moisture = rust…

i know cuz remember the tank was on use conditions but the rust inside is not that bad but this tank right up here has rust outside i don’t know but i wouln’t put that in my car just in case

AS stated the 400c i dont think can handle that big tank

Hahahaha Wheeler Dealers?? We do have a programme over hear called that. But I guess your talking about the American one?

Thanks peeeeeeople… I will refrain from getting it on the basis of wot you fellas have said…Fank yous:D:D:D

And I will look into air suspension tanks from lorrys. But dont forget, our lorrys/trucks/rigs are teeny weeny in comparison to some of the monsters you lot have over there!!!

Or just get those lovely people at HBHQ to send me a 5 gallon one free of charge! lol lol Failing that…just stick with my 2 Gallon tank for the time being.:D:D:D

We have the British show Wheeler Dealers here in the States. It’s a hoot! Those two guys buy a crappy old car, fix it all up, then sell it for a profit. I really get a kick out of the way they talk. I know we all speak English, but their English is a wee bit different than our English.

best show is TOP GEAR!

Top gear is good. but biased as hell

PMSL… you mean these two!!!.. hahahaha cor blimey mate, they talk normal to me lol lol

Your my main man!!! Top Gear is the dogs testiclay! I have most of the series, I went to see the European tour road show they did. They are as funny as you like! We all have our phone alarms set at 8pm every sunday. Its the only time I get an hours silence from the old girlfriend, even she shuts her gob whilst this is on!!!

Hmmmmm yeah they are a tad biased…very opinionated…but most of the time its tongue in cheek. There are subliminal messages put in the show as well sometimes, the other week there was a programme called “come Dancing” mainly for the old folk and it was on the other channel when TG was on and they had morse code playing out of Stigs car, it was saying stuff like “Come dancing stinks etc etc”

Clarkson is the new messiah & James May & Hampster are his disciples!!!:smiley:

Yup! That’s them! I love those guys. I watched one today where they took a rusted old Beetle and turned it into a “Beach Buggy”. Good stuff!

rusted tank can be bad down the road as in BOOM

do not buy that tank… spend a little extra and buy new

if that tank were to blow thats en expensive repair bill for your car