Teaser- 5 gal tank, 5 horn airchime, manual valve

Been busy but my buddy took a vid of my departure last night.

Many thanks for the help!!! I am still looking to clean up my install to make it appear more clandestine on the inside. But on the outside, you can’t tell.

<iframe width=“425” height=“349” src=“http://www.youtube.com/embed/vcSsEGhjZps?hl=en&fs=1” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

That woz alot of honk for a 5G tank:D


wow that was alot of air

I guess the manual valve is helping. I was throttling it and you can hear the horn’s melody, you know? Believe it or not, I still had air left as I have the 6 honks at the end, but I felt it going weak so I let off. But there was still air there.

I like the sound, but I’ll tell you, I dont get the scares that you guys get b/c of the variability of air. I may put an electric in the other car.

Thanks so much guys. You rock!

-jealous of honk time-
You can tell it’s not full throttle, but damn that’s a long time.
Seems like I get 6-7 seconds out of my 8 gallons…

I’m anxious to see how you fit the horns.

Not full throttle, which you can hear on the variability of tones. don’t know if I want to keep the manual as I like how it sounds vs hook it up to an electric horn for full on scares.

I am not done cleaning up the install. Basically I cut a hole where the spare wheel went and the full set of 5 faces downwards. The airline goes into to car between the seats. So you can see airline plainly in the car.

But its not done. I just wanted to get them in. Now its time to clean it up. And I need to replace the vapor canister…a casualty in the install…

I’m liking your style:D

Gets even better. Talked wifey into driving it and I followed to see how they sounded.

When she was behind me, I could hear her but couldn’t tell where it was coming from.

While following her, it was crazy loud. Got to make up more videos. And I’ll take pics of hte initiall install as well as the final and post it all once its a done deal

I want to put my manual valve on my K3 but can’t decide how I want to mount it in my cab yet:/

Do you have the same large train manual valve?

I am actually thinking of selling my valve fora smaller one if I can find one that suits it.

I have the GW clone. But havent even used it yet.

Pardon me for asking but what’s the GW clone?

It is just a replica manual valve of the Graham White manual valve.