technical problems

So I have been experiencing some technical problems. Let me walk you through what happens.

I will type my username and password into the login bar in the top right and then click login. It then shows me that message that thanks me for login in and if im not redirected automatically to click that link. Im automatically redirected to the home page but the problem is it shows me as not loged in. Like it doesn’t show “Welcome INFamas…” in the top right. It seems like it logs me out before i can do anything.

I just found out that even though it does this im still apparently “loged in.” If i click on one the forum topics it will then show my name in the top right. And obviously i can still post. But if I click home that disappears. Also the reason why I had to post this as a thread is because if I try to send this to a moderator it will, “log me out” when I click on there profile.

Iv tried everything i can think of on my end to fix it but nothing has worked.

I’m having issues too.

The “New Posts” link hasn’t worked for a couple days.
I just figured out there were threads I hadn’t read…

If there is any relation, this site will not connect to TapaTalk anymore either. I know it’s not TapaTalk because the app still works with three other forums. It’s saying this forum is restricting access or that the TapaTalk plugin has malfunctioned.

im also having problems with the ‘post reply’ button. I have to use the ‘go advance’ in the quick reply section. Plus it says im always logged in, and i can even log out…:mad:

I noticed that same issue under Firefox. Seemed to clear up once I switched over to Chrome for a session.

Clear your cache. I had to do this and now it works just fine.

I was having issues too until I ran the “Avanced System Care” (free version). It cleans up many things like registry errors, malware, junk files, and browsing history.

I’m still getting this message that I didn’t get before - “Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?”

^^ Me too.

I don’t really want to clear all my browser history.

So who’s the mod that can look into all this stuff?? Maybe the forum’s software needs updated?

Well, the head cheese posted above, so they know about it.
I’m not an admin, so I can’t do anything.

This is frustrating though. Every time I return to a page I have to refresh to see the latest post.

Oh alrighty then lol. Guess ill just go play with my horn and keep checking back lol

ok things seem to be working again so…

if i have problems you will hear from me again. haha

now it times to catch up on the week or so worth of threads iv missed