Teen Driver

I was in Wixom MI. and pulled up to make a Left hand turn an I was next to a (looked like 16yr old) driver. When the light turned green they eased up and I blasted them for probaly 3-4 sec. Mom in the passenger seat was nothing but arms up in the air…they stopped, we continued to turn left laughing…

lol, try it when u get to railroad tracks with people coming towards u…

i did that once on accident honking to my friend and ill never do it again…holy sh!t…i thought people were going to wreck…:eek:

that would suck

i had a guy stop at the trackes, get ut then look down them. best thing ever

I’m in Worcester heading to a skating rink to pick up 2 of my kids. I’m approaching a traffic light with a liquor store on my right side. I see this guy, sh1tface-drunk staggering out into the street. There’s no one else around in any direction. No I didn’t blast him, this guy was staggering badly. I flash my beams at him and he waves and starts staggering across the street right in front of me. He’s crossing into the oncoming traffic lane to my left, when some girl in a compact comes through the intersection headed right for him. I thought about blasting my horns, but I was afraid he’d jump right at her. No Sh1t, at the very last second she slams on her brakes and comes to a stop that… I swear, was 1-2 feet away from him. I really thought she was going to kill him. Of course she was going too fast and talking on her cell phone. He just waves, and finishes his stagger across the street.

I realize he was at fault for being schnockered and staggering through an intersection. But idiots talking/texting on their goddamned cell phones have their heads up their as$es. They’re so damned selfish and inconsiderate.

I really wish that it was illegal in all 52 states to talk or text on a cell phone unless it is 100% voice activated.

yea cell phones are distracting to way to many people… what are the other 2 states? lol


Uh… those 2 additional states are:

51: State of Denial
52: State of Idiocracy

My god, I did type that…

I’m really too old to be up late at night doing anything beyond being spoon fed signals from the boob tube [or perhaps being nursed directly from boobs] because my brain regresses… badly. Considering my limited starting point, it’s not good


BTW, Happy Thanksgiving to all my new bro’s here on Hornblasters.com. I’m glad I have found you guys.

Be well


I like your sig line graphic. Nice job.

I remember in my old s10 that had the conductor special on it, I was driving down the road and this old old man was driving and I forgot that my switch for my train horns was on, well the old man starting to drift into my lane, i gave a little honk, and the old man almost died! He swerved the complete opposite direction , bout 2 lanes over and almost lost it! I was just glad he didnt hit no one, but I still laughed my donkey off


I was thinking we took over Mexico, and Canada and didnt know we took over. But your 2 states work. haha

isnt puerto rico consider a state now or sumtin