teenage preppys

was out eating Chinese with my cousin last night about midnight and we were standing in the parking lot talking and there was a group of preppy kids that came out from the restaurant they were standing by their car and i hit the siren one time. then one more of their friends was coming out so i hit the horns i was about 50 foot from them and he seriously jumped about 3 feet in the air they all looked over and they came running over asking how the honk i did that so i hit the horns one more time and about 5 of them all jumped in the air they were telling us i scare the poop out of them because they had beer… lmfao so anyway 3 of them were talking and kind of moved infront of my truck about 6 inches from the horn so i let them have it once more and they STILL jumped 3 feet in the air

omg i wish i had my damn camera

lol aaha i can imagine the face of those kids lol

lmao!! nice!

I love the priceless face when u blast someone…

Version , seems we all forget the camera for those precious moments! LOL :smiley:

yes sir^^^^^

Someone needs to install a camera that automatically turns on when you hit the horn button. :smiley:

if that happened wouldnt there be a TIMING DELAY…

haha great

I wanna install one of those cameras on top of the vans that drive around for googlemaps… those cameras record EVERYTHING!!!