I haven’t seen many train horns in or around Nashville. Am I the only one?

i love nashville!

I’m in Tenn and I haven’t even heard one since I’ve been here…

Maybe I’ll be the one who starts the craze here. Too bad I don’t have any hornblasters stickers!

Give the guys a call at 877-209-8179… I’m sure they’d send you some

I am in the Nashville area too. Been a Hornblasters customer and fanatic for several years now but just noticed this older thread. I have been doing my best to promote train horns in this area and many other states I drive through. Lots of friends, coworkers, and people I meet on the road all ask about how to get a train horn setup. Naturally I refer them to Matt, Garrett, and the gang.

I am from Tri-Cities. anyone from around here?

Hey Landon, Have you ever had to pull someone over for a loud horn? Or heard one on duty??
‘Hey man, thought I’d pull you over to ask what horn you have on there. I have the Hornblasters PA and shockers.’ haha That would be great.

No man i have not here in TN you have to have probable cause to pull someone over so unless they are doing “excessive horn”(blowing for no reason) so nah i have never heard of it happing haha

im from tennessee about a hour and thirty min from nashville. i go there all the time

Funny story about train horns spreading in TN:

An elderly couple lives near us in middle TN. They own a big RV which they travel with most of the year. About 3 years ago the old man started honking an air horn on the RV every time they pulled in from a trip or headed out on a new trip. It sounded like a typical tractor trailer horn, loud but not in the train horn class. I found it mildly amusing and never dreamed that I would have something louder. Then my precious customized mint-condition truck was totaled in a wreck by an idiot driver who wasn’t paying attention and didn’t hear my whimpy factory horn. I got a new truck, found the HB website after some research, and ordered up my Conductor’s Special package. Then I was able to honk back at the old man but with much more volume. He quickly stopped honking his horn and hasn’t done so ever since, which is kind of sad actually.

Fast forward to now and I recently finished upgrading to my current dual train horn setup - see signature for details. I have been honking a bit more than usual lately, especially around my home as I tested various changes and new equipment. Maybe a month or so of occasional but consistent honks in a 3-mile radius around my home. Well the other day I was out in the yard and to my surprise I heard another train horn, clearly a smalller model than mine but definitely on a vehicle. They must have been installing it because there were several blasts of varying durations and tones throughout the day. Then 2 days later I heard the same thing but a different kind of horn from the other side of the road. So there are at least 2 more horns near me now, plus the old man with the RV air horn, and me. That makes 4 horns in a 5-mile radius.

Who knows, maybe we just need to declare a national train horn delay with a special moment of silence to honor fallen OEM horns, followed by a combined blast that will echo all over the continent. :slight_smile:

what city you live in middle tn?

like near knoxville? ha

I am between Nashville and Knoxville.

We need to all get together some Saturday…maybe meet up, blast some horns, drink some beers. That would be a blast!

So, when we all going to get together?

I got to get my horns first, i am still trying to decide on which package to get.

Ok, we need to plan a meet and greet some time in October.

Bump! new Tn guy from memphis area

another new guy from tn