Testing my New Avatar! Enjoy!!

testing one, two, three!



Do you wear thongs ear2ear?



the sign said “Honk” but not “Beep” haha I like being technical.

Ummm no.
That was the J/K reference. (just kidding)

I wear thongs when I’m at the beach. Sometimes sand gets in and I have to take my thongs off and wipe the sand out.

whoa TMI

ROFLMAO!!! I bet you get alot of chicks! lol

tell me more!!!

Sandals !! Thongs !!

Damn I feel stupid! I totally missed that…

I figured he was referring to the type worn on feet but was curious about his response. To see a guy at the beach wearing the type worn at the waist would be disgusting.

Hahahahaha I cant believe I just read this thread??? Conjours up all sorts of wrong images!!! lol:eek: