Tex Mex 2009

today i went with the gf to Tex Mex car show out in Somerville. there were plenty of people out there with horns. I was the only one that was threaten to be kicked out for being too loud :smiley: i love these things

lol where are the pics of the car show

ive got hundreds of them. lol it will take forever to post all of them. and the pics are huge
heres a link to a thread where i posted some of them

holy poop im in love with the lifited ones

nice got any pictures of the trucks with horns…

Holy S**T thats a lift.

one of my favorates is this truck

did that hummer in the second pic have a diesel conversion in it?

my truck or other trucks??? there was one huge truck out there that had some k3s on it.

dont think so. but im pretty sure it was a 6.0L

same question has been asked to you MANY times before lmfao

i only got like 2 pics of actual horns. most of them were hidden, or on crappy trucks so i didnt take pics


were on this


ya it was pretty nice. it was really just like a '99 f250 with a huge lift and some nice toys

i was out there with a k3 on my friends dodge…and my k5la on the f250…saturday morning at like 7am my friend alex let his 15gal tank drain…

i didnt get there till around 11 on saturday. security threatened to kick me out if i honked mine again. i think he was just mad cause i scared him. lol

Weird…they never told us anything…my k3 was probably the loudest thing out there
I was blowing them on friday til 2am…and start again saturday at like 7am…I woke up just
To blast!

Holy crap batman…Those Big foots are huge!!! Loving them!!!

u don’t have those big monsters in uk right?

Yeah but not as big as that… hey heres a pic of me in one!

awesome i would like to live in uk it looks so calm and clean