Thames Festival

I saw this on hornwhistleboard and thought you guys might be interested. The link didn’t go to the exact page when I clicked on it but maybe you can figure it out.

UK members might be interested in this event: … hips-opera
It’ll feature some of Roland Humble’s amazing collection, and a Diaphone rescued some years ago by the guy who posted it. Nick was his name.

Nice find Dan! I might just go to this for the crack, with the K5’s:D
There is a nice little “soundcloud clip” so you can here the boats in action.
Here is the page :smiley:

Hey people’s, I never actually went to this as it was threatening to rain quite hard, but then it turned out it did not rain till the early hours this morning :frowning: :frowning:

Here’s a link to a load of Horns going off on the river Thames in London.

And another from last night :smiley:

And this one has to be the coolest one!!! At Tower bridge, and you can see it closing after the ships/boats had past. Video is quite long so get comfy, sit back and enjoy…no train scares but interesting all the same:D

Blimey & then if you have not had enough already, here’s more lol… Loads of ships on drugs! Lol

Horn and whistle chaos!

Oh man… Stinky - did you miss out or what!
Look upon the bright side, at least you didn’t blow up your compressors trying to keep up with a quarter hour of hornblasting :wink:

Honestly though, if that wasn’t a verified, bona fide event I would’ve bet that someone had a few ales too many and let loose on a sampling keyboard. It’s all over the shop.

I had to stop watching - after five minutes my dog started howling his head off at all the steam whistles LOL :smiley:

Mate, I was slightly gutted, I literally decided not to go an hour & half before it started, the wife was even going to come with me along with baby Daisy, but the good old British weather is so un-predictable & could quite easily put the dampers on an event like that, so I decided to sadly stay in and watch X-factor instead :eek: But then thanks to YouTube, I got to see it anyway :smiley:

Lol at your dog howling, those steam whistles were a bit on the random side!!!

ships on drugs - perfect description