Thanks Lance!

Just wanted to let you know i got the stickers and catalog Thanks!

Yeah, whatever…
Tape your nipples together with 'em!

Just kidding bro… surprise!


haha that’s hilarious. Can we get a photo? haha

… He would be the one to try :smiley: lol

i dont think you want a photo of that lmao!

Have you ever met Garrett bro?

Uh huh…

ok… sorry you asked for it lmfao

… WTF BAN? wow nasty

sorry didnt mean to turn you on twist

what did he get beat with that would cause a bruise to form like that…


i just threw up in my mouth

Yup, time for some Pepto…



That’s what I’m talking about haha. Dude…someone pounded your donkey HARD!

LMAO! thats hilarious!!!

daaaaayum , holy mary ,mother of GOD , that 's one hairy ugly arse! lmao. looks like someone got one more slap with the paddle! :eek: :D:D

Ouch, I hope he was protecting his balls when he got hit.

I bet he liked it… HAHA

please tell me that a photoshop and you didnt put your azz on the web for the whole world to see