the battle of the trucks

So I just had a thrilling experience. I have a 6.0 f250 diesel and lightly mods. I was driving and another f250 pulled up about the same year bigger lift and stuff and u can tell he was showing off a little stepping on it with his nice sounding exhaust and banks emblems all over so me being a show off my self proceeded in pursuit of this show off. Turns out he was in the turning lane a block or two down the way so as I pass I build up my boost and let off letting the boost escape in a nice head turning chirp. Most likely feeling disrespected as I blow past him I hear this faint generic toot of what had to be a cheap electric train horn so once again I had to show this guy up again and quickly reciprocate by blasting my shockers by horn blaster and once again showing this guy who is boss.

Those f250s, they are such a cute little truck, somedays I want to put a few of them in the back of my F350!! :smiley: J/K

Good job on showing him who the boss is, a car pulled over to the side of a busy street and then decided to merge back in when I was 1/2 past him. He laid on his “horn”, well, I laid on mine and he stopped quick lol

Shockerf FTW! I love trucks with the little cheap chrome horns you see on Ebay. I started out with a set of those and they were alright but not enough. At least he knows not to mess with you anymore!

Nice one! shockers ftw every time:D