The best Scare

I’ll keep it short and leave the reaction to your imagination. I drive by a local golf course every day, with the road only 20-30 yards from the tee off. I time my shockers with their back swings to cause so many shanks and wiffs! I belly laugh more so than any other scare. They get so mad… I had one golfer throw is driver in my direction, too funny. I often wonder if their playing partners allow a mulligan. Golfers are the best to scare!

o yes they are, ive gotten the finger from plenty and some try to drive a ball at me lmao

Oh this one is really great story, thanks for the sharing to us. It’s really some nice experience about the golfer. This is just amazing and fun full. I am really great full for this story.

A 150mph golf ball will hurt if it hits.

Also sucks if it hits your window x.x