The DC Audio suburban BEAST MODE!

im not sure if any of you know of my truck but ill post some links of videos and let you guys check it out…
12- 15" DC audio XLs
2- DC audio 9K amps (clamped a true 10,200 watts out of one and 10,540 watts on the other) :slight_smile:
600’+ of 1/0 wire
3- custom built 350amp externally regulated SingerAlternators
3- Powerbass asa600.4 highs amps
4- rf power series 6.5" components
4- rf power series 5.25" components
6- dayton audio 4" full range
4- selenium ST350 super tweeters
14- XS Power D3400 batteries
we ripped the steel in the roof, so we re welded the roof up, and fixed all the broken braces, and then sheeted the whole inside of the roof with 3/16" steel plate and we are working on the doors now (getting 3/16" plate as well)
after all the welding was done i took and had the roof LineX’d 3 layers thick

future plans:
2 more DC audio 9K amps
10 more XS power batteries
200’ of 3/0 welding leads
building/ fiberglassing the doors with 4-6 6.5" speakers and 4 ST350’s in each door…
adding more steel to the floor and doors
and putting in a 2.5" OD stripper pole (schd 80 steel pipe)
i know theres stuff iv forgot but hope you guys enjoy!:cool:

build video:

demo videos:

Welcome and nice truck!

Welcome to the forum. How many batteries will end up on that truck? You must have an extremely powerful alternator(s) to charge 10+ batteries. Considering the extra weight along with everything else on the truck, won’t that wear those low profile tires out a lot faster?

Thanks guys! And yea the truck now weighs almost 10,000lbs…
I upgraded to the 2500 series rear coils and added helper bags and removed the stock air ride and replaced them with extra load coil overs
And yes I have 14 d3400 batteries soon to be 24 lol and yes my alternators I have 3 custom built 350amp alternators, now upgrading to 3- 425amp alternators

Pretty serious stuff there! Welcome.

Is your stereo worth more than the damn truck?

^yes, but the guy is doing what he loves so screw it. Any plans on train horns?

Yessir! //\ I’m actually in the market for a set rte now I bought the PVC book off eBay and I’m gna try them out but going from my last set of K5la’s I’m sure the PVC ones won’t be enough lol
I kinda like the sounds on the K3’s I’d love to try a set!!
Thanks agn guys

With all that power you could easily run an Oasis compressor unless all of the other stuff on the truck is already taking most of it.

I would like to hear that next to Steve Meades system.