The death of a MK Powered Gel Battery

For about a good solid year I had a MK Powered Gel Battery that hasn’t given me problems until recently. I went to start my truck one morning and noticed when starting the starter went rrrrr.rrrrr… and then the engine by some divine miracle turned and started. I figured since the truck sat for 2 weeks without being started that I should drive it around for a bit and leave the engine running. I drove over to the gas station, turned off the truck, pumped gas and then got back in and the same thing, rrrrr… and then it turned over and started. So I drove up and down the freeway with my headlights on figuring that the alternator just needed to charge the battery so I did. After about 20 minutes of leaving the engine running I stopped by the bank to pick up rent money, I turned the truck off, got out went in the bank came back out got in and turned the ignition to the “ON” Position. Everything seemed ok. Lights worked stock horn honked so I turn it to “Start” CHu… Dead. Tired it again, same thing. I checked my battery cables and made sure they were nice and tight, and they were. So I called my dad and got a jump. Drove over to a battery place asked for a battery test, the battery’s cranking amp days were over. $75.88 later, a new battery. Installed it and the truck started right up like nothing. well It was so long to what was a great battery that took the abuse of my use all year, now its in the great battery heaven in the sky.

Would have been a good time to install a Odyssey battery LOL

1 year out of a battery. That sucks. No prorated warranty?

What killed it that quick?

The Battery was FREE! :smiley: It was from 2008 out of my friends custom electric power chair. For Free I cant complain too much.

Well, that’s a bit different. Should have googled it.

I figured it was all the horns. :smiley:

Yeah I have alot of horns! xD Here is a link on the exact battery I had, they are sold in pairs. They might also sell them in single bit IDK.

Check out the Die Hard Platinum series batteries. They’re made by either Odyssey or Deka, which make great batteries, and Sears sells them for less.

Thanks Dan, As of right now I am just using a regular battery until I can afford a better battery. When I do have the extra money for one I would consider that.