The Human Powered Compressor

I attached a York 210 Compressor To my Bicycle trailer and got it to turn with the wheels, this video explains the results,

I will be making more mods to this by adding a pulley system.

That is so cool! Nice job!

Classic! How are the horns performing at the 50psi output from it? …

To get around your torque problem, have thought about getting a front pulley with clutch on the compressor (as per units on air-conditioning compressors). That way you could also rig up an on/off switch to engage the compressor when needed.

The horns are even Loud at 20 psi!! The Compressor does have 12v Clutch on it already, and I am gonna be rigging up a toggle switch on the Handle Bars to switch it on and off it is also hooked up to my Pressure switch. I am gonna get a pulley system rigged up so that way i have a little more torque to turn the compressor when it reaches the Higher Psi’s.

If the pulley results in a step down ratio then you’ll have to peddle faster to get the same fill rate or it will take longer to fill the tank but you should get higher pressure.

Ok, today I took the bike for a test ride, I got the Pressure above 80 Psi!! I Installed a toggle switch on the handlebars and so I could gather speed and get the RPM’s up. Then switched it on, It Worked Great!!


Got room for a spare motorbike or small car battery in that trailer of yours? No doubt you’re fit, but I’m just wondering what’s worse - The extra pedalling against the torque of the compressor or the extra pedalling required to tow a battery.

my guess is the friction to turn the compressor is much harder than any friction from the weight of a battery.

I actually got it up to 125 Psi! My check Valve was on too tight!

Mate you are one cool dude!:smiley:

Thanks! Its actually down right now, I got a flat on it but I will be fixing it soon when I get paid.

I was just going to say to do more squats! get that peddling power stronger to pump in more air haha

or just go down a big long hill. :smiley: