The merging moron!

Got some new footage today from the dashcam - unfortunately sound is crap but you’ll get the idea. Excuse the French, but there are 3 barrels of K3LA being unloaded :wink:

Sometimes it seems that even a K3LA isn’t enough to wake people up. This idiot just kept on coming - must have been deaf!

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yup, Idiot! Must be Hard of Hearing.

This kinda stuff is exactly why I have a dashcam.

I’d say they were texting or they live in Seizure World.

Haha i need a dash cam.

Oppsie!!! I have never seen someone not react to a blast from a set of K3’s! Close call there mate!:eek:

Not as bad as that lunatic you had coming head-on. Now that was close!

I know mate & I am not ashamed to admit, I had very little control over my bowel movements!!!