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Hi everyone my name is Patrick I’m from Winnipeg, Canada. I work at our local carburetor shop and drive a Black 1996 GMC Sonoma with a Vortec 4.3L and 5spd Standard transmission with big dual exhaust and some strobe lights. I’m wondering how the horns do in the winter (up to -49c -56F) so I would think of removing my ABS module (ABS SUCKS!) and mounting horns on the wheel well in my engine bay. What would be good horns to mount there but kinda on the cheap but real loud? Any suggestions? :smiley:


200 psi conductors special FTW

they would do fine…

welcome Patrick,
we’ve had discussions on here about horns in cold weather if you can find those threads.

At temps below -40c you’re going to have more problems with things like solenoids and pressure switches.

In case you have trouble finding a compressor that works in cold weather the solenoid in our XD3000 (sold through Horblasters) is rated for -15f and our pressure switch is rated for -40.

Our compressors are made to last 2500 operating hours and are fast enough to do a lot more than just blow your horns.

Yeah I think I’ll have to buy a toolbox for the back to put the compressor and tank in maybe a small heater in it with a small vent hole in the side could be a good idea. The locked toolbox is a must here as I live in the car theft capital of Canada… As for horns I’m thinking the S4s in the engine bay, I don’t trust them being all dirty underneath my truck plus they will be aimed at my targets heh…:smiley:

hey bro i lived in canadafor 3 years in Ottawa, Ontario hate the weather up there so i move to south fl las year

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Welcome Patrick.