the new principle at my school does not aprove of hornblasters.

This year we had Mrs. Hilter come to my school to take over . well everyday before school at lunch and after school i blow my train horns till my tank is out. well we had a little metting this week saying that the loud music is fine as long as its clean but what ever immature child has the fog horn on there car needs to knock the crap off it is a distraction and can cause harm to others. Well all my buddys start cracking up and then Mrs. Hilter decided to ask what was so funny. with only there response of its a train horn not a fog horn. and i started laughing. well that day in the lot on my way out she was walking down the middle of the lot and befor i could help myself my finger was pushing the switch down and that next morning i was sitting in the office known as the immature child with the train horns. FYI dont piss off people who have more power then you. it never ends up good

Wow she sounds like Mrs. Hitler =/ Freedom Of Horn! lol

hahahahahah. Best lesson you’ll ever learn.

Now that im out of school and graduated… i can say **** the principal and the horse he / she road in on! I wish i had these horns when i was in school because our principal office was right near a window by parking lot… I would have snuck up on her and blasted her while she was in one of her meetings… in fact i may go back one day and do it :wink:

LOL fight tha powah!!!

after my little talk about blasting my horns just now on my way to lunch she decided she would ride with the school cop to see who needs to be introuble well lets say i got button happy and i will be having another talk and ticket in about 25 mins on way back to school… and power to you guys who all say F*** her!

haha same thing at my school, i graduated 2 years ago and everytime i go pick up my g/f from school, i let them rip! they cant ever figure out who blew them because EVERYONE is trying to leave school at once

What the hell you gonna get a ticket for. Cant wait to see this.

Well i went back after lunch today a little late didnt care to much wth the school secutiry cop guy (rent a cop) was out waiting for me… lucky im one of them favored football kids and didnt get a ticket but only a cut it crap out or i will send you to the principle office and i laughed went on with my day blowing them 2 hours later when i got out.:smiley: alls i need now is the hornblasters shirt so i can help every ketch on why i have a shocker on my shirt and on my truck that says hornblasters I LOVE BEING THE IMMATURE SENIOR WITH TRAIN HORNS!

I was the same way my senior year but I had 6 Rockford Fosgate Punch Power 15"s in my back seat. I used to drive by the principles office window real slow and watch him hold on to stuff from rattling off the walls. It was great knowing I was fixing to graduate and he couldn’t do anything about it.

You said it allright , RENT A COP! They cant do **** but alert the REAL police… Do you have a street near your school that is not school property? if so and its close by to the parking lot, just go over there and do it… You wont be on school property so the principal cant say ****!

Yeah rent a cop wont do a damn thing but right me a 5 dollar ticket from the school and ill go in there and put a 20 down for the next 3 times. and yeah i do have 2 city streets and i blow it on those to…I am reckless with them. I am really good friends with a teacher and this fall when finals come up he wants me to pull up next to his window with it open and lit the horns rip in the class room to break all the kids concentration… sounds like a bad idea to me but w.e im in for it. and if i get a ticket from rent a cop well im in the car ill be sure to put my phone on the dash board so ill able to shown all you guys how big of a tool this guy is.

I would recommend staying on private property or school property when blowing the horns, especially when a confrontation is expected. When on public roads or public property the police can give you real tickets which are more expensive. On private property the moving violations won’t apply, but of course they could still get you for disorderly conduct or disturbing the peace.

And if you really wanted to mess with them, get a few friends to install train horns too and take turns at it.

The thing I always wonder is how will they prove the sound came from your vehicle? My horns are so well hidden that they would have to put it up on a rack to see them, and I have toggles which blend in so I can just go back to factory mode and show them my horn is normal. Plus deep bass sounds are not directional anyway. But still, I always take care to hit the horns in parking lots, driveways, and private roads when possible, and I look for cops before blasting on public roads unless it is a real emergency.

this kinda ramind me of when i was in highschool. i was doin doughnuts in th back parking lit after practice one day. this ***** teacher comes out in the middle of the lot screaming at me. i hated her so i starded like i was leaving by her. as soon as i passed her i lit em up again and started doing them around her. within about 30 sec she was surrounded in smoke. then i remembered i was the only one with a BRIGHT yellow older truck in the whole school. i kinda got in trouble but thankfully they couldnt realy do anything cause they could prove it was me cause of my tint.

In FL law states a cop cannot give you u a ticket for your horns unless he hears them, ive been through this before. its actually kinda funny lol

yeah every one loves there high school stories and i just keep getting more ideas. Im just waiting for them to call the real cops on me and ***** a fit but then ill tell them to prove they are my horns… i was the driver. and if i have them where are they and to press my horn button that works to my real horn and then if they can find my switch more power to them. but i know they wont.:smiley:

Sounds to me like your principal needs to douche the cactus out of her Vag.

Back when I was in high school it was me and one other truck at school with train horns and they knew the other kid had them, but not me. Well let’s just say I honked them after school one day and the other guy ended up with a detention. hahahaha

i really wish i had my horns installed back when i was in high school. but my little brother wants to take my truck to school one day just to use the horns.

but instead, we are putting one on his jeep for him soon.

Wow. All this talk about schools and everyone is just blowing the horns in the parking lot or as they drive away. Most schools probably don’t have rules against train horns or vehicle horns in parking lots, and roads or streets near the school are public property, so they would be on very shaky ground to even mention it to you let alone discipline you for it. Especially if the horn was used after school hours and they couldn’t prove it came from your vehicle or who was driving it.

But everyone is missing the point. If you really want to cause some havoc at school with the train horn then do something serious. Wire up a timer or remote to set it off while you are in the school, possibly while the teachers or others are walking by the vehicle. Drive up to the front doors, prop them open, and blast into the school. Wait until the morning announcements are being made and blast them loud just outside the office window where they have the PA so it is heard throughout the school. Blast them at school functions or drive onto the field during gym class or a school ball game. Blast them during graduation ceremonies, or follow a school bus and blast it along the entire route. Follow the principal home and blast him at an intersection, filming it and posting to Youtube, then email the video link to the students. Now that would be truly fun. :slight_smile: