!?!? ThE UlTiMaTe SeTuP !?!?

So I’m near the end of purchasing all the parts for what I hope (fingers crossed) is going to be a world-beating train-horn setup in terms of horn numbers and total Db rating, though this isn’t about trying to be the best, just having fun. getting noticed and having a setup so fantastic that it’ll make me cry tears of joy (literally) when it’s all done and I get to hear em all. During the last 6 months I’ve managed to establish quite a few contacts, friends and potential future suppliers…the ideas to follow I’ll keep secret until or unless I know that they’re going to work.

On my Suzuki Swift Sport MKIII I’ll have the following permanently installed;

x1 Leslie RS-5T (Extra loud courtesy of a small upgrade of which ‘realtrainhorns.net’ have requested details from having spoken to them about it, although I’ll lose the rights to what they believe will be the loudest Leslie train horn if I do give them these details in full)
x1 Nathan K6LLA (with my own special ‘BIG BANG UPGRADE’ + custom diaphrams supporting the 200PSI, this one I’m going to keep a secret for a while, I’ll kiss and tell if it works).
x1 Behemoth-I3
x1 Shocker AH-S4 XL
x1 Euro two tone diesel horn
x1 Kleinn 401 truck rooftop horn
x1 Kleinn 730 demon w/ upgrade kit
x1 Kockums 75/400 tyfon
x1 Fiamm Ultimate Blast
x1 Hella Supertones
x1 Hella Sharp Tones
x1 Wolo Bad boy
x1 Wolo Big Max
OTHER HORNS TBC, but I’ll be combining some of the above into two and three tone horns
Will be running off of a total of 13.5 Gals of air from aluminium tanks (may upgrade to 17gals later)
x1 Graham White E-bell
x1 air raid siren (may modify to make louder…stay tuned)
Smoke/fog machines (to make me look like steam train but mainly for a few videos I plan to do)
x1 Police siren/PA W/ x2 200W horn compression speakers VERY LOUD!!
Police lights (x6 blues & two’s…with likely future upgrade for more)
Multi Angle DVR cameras (for hornblasting vids, insurance and security)

The funniest thing will be that from the outside, you’d never even know I’d have all of these on/in my car.

I have a load of 100% unique ideas for a video series I’m going to do (as a UK alternative to the american videos). I’ll probably include tribute links in my vids to all the peoples vids that inspired me (it’s only fair). Lol I’ve even written a poem about nathan and made up a story of how I think hornblasting first came about, not sure if I’ll share these though. But yer, (coupled with my recent in car entertainment install which is just being finished now and the eventual engine/bodywork mods to be done next year) this is going to be a very exciting setup in my ‘car-for-life’.

This’ll be the first time I’ve ever posted videos of my own personal ideas (and with me in them, ordinarily I don’t even allow FB pics of me to be public) so I just hope they enjoy modest success/views as I guess my only concern would be that they didn’t, given the time and effort pending. My upcoming screen name henceforth for youtube will be ‘The Adam-inator’ (using the word ‘horny’ outside of forums just to me, seems too sexually implicit’.

Let me know what you guys think (having been in planning/production for 5+ months) but this still isn’t the end, but you gotta walk before you can run and I musn’t get carried away and count my chickens before they’re hatched hehe. Cheers.

How are you going to mount it all in that car?:eek: Without being seen from the outside

So basically the rear bumper has two kinda walls yer, the very front one (part of which is cut out for the numberplate alcove, which I’m gonna have to relocate) which will be cut out and be replaced by strong mesh metal through which the larger leslie bells mouths sit in and then there’s the kinda wall behind that (for the back of the numberplate alcove) through which the shorter leslie bells can go so that they can intersect their larger bells like they do on a typical manifold setup. So they’ll be covered over by a mesh grill and the nathan bells (well some are going to be slightly poking out of my boot door (through cut holes) and to begin with I’ll cover them with a mesh grill, but may later opt to have the snow cones sticking out of my boot door instead.

Some of the other horns can go next to the lezzers whilst the rest can comfortably fit behind my spacious front bumper. The great thing about my boot is that it came with a big false floor, so it’s as deep as a spare tyre-well, but much wider and longer. The whole of my boot is going to be a sealed chamber (of sorts) with sound deadening, vibration dampening and luuuurvely checker plating and acrylic.
In the future at some point I could add one set on my roof as I’ve thought of some ways to disguise it without taking away from the eventual body work I’ll have done.

Can you legally use police lights there or will they only be used confidentially?

Naturally they’re illegal to be seen in use by any police officer, but this won’t stop me flashing drivers going too slow on long winding country roads hehe, or in areas I know police aren’t to be seen. I’m good at spotting their under cover cars nowadays and for the people of great Britain, budget cuts may mean that police will only be out and about outside of major towns or cities if there’s a crime. Another bonus for the rare bread of UK hornblasters.

You just wait and see what I’ll do in my upcoming video series lol, it could end up being an utter flop of course, but I have some good ideas as to how to cause some real temporary yet harmless chaos against the traffic like perhaps never seen before on youtube, hell I may even be able to remain anonymous by the end of it, just gotta keep an eye out for cameras and cops lol. Yesssssss, I’ve got big plans hehe!!