these look sick

i was looking on ebay and holy poop these look awesome! Says they are siege horns

wonder what the hell it would fit on

A whole bushel of cheap horns are still cheap horns to me.


Agree 100%

That’s this old timey fellow in Baton Rouge New Orleans, I’m surprised you can’t see the duct tape in those photos. (JK)

bahaha at matts comment
i was implying they look cool, but hey look at the real metal nathan horns compared to chrome truck stop train horns…

These aren’t even truck stop horns, they’re just Chinese air horns. Even with 9+ bells, they don’t have the sound of authentic horns. I bet they’d pierce someone’s ears like crazy at 150+ PSI though and they do look kinda cool, but S4 for the win!

yes s4 FTW thats why i bought one :slight_smile:
heres a vid of the horns in the last pic, anoying and high pitched…yuck

Agreed. Look nice but sound crappy.

Theres a city in new orleans called baton rouge? lol

if they are chrome…they aint train horns.