THF Chat

i put up a chatroom for you guys that dont have aim. let me know how it is and ill keep it going

very cool


nice man

Come on people we need more people in there~!!!111

what is everyone afraid of the chat room? come on click the chat link at the top of the page ! =D

Chat people lol!!! Get in there!

Everyone get in chat lol!!!

I have barely enough time to chat here…lol

Chats prety sweet. check it out.

i was there…alone!

7-8-9-10pm central time seems to be the most busy.

get in the chat people!!!

get in the chat people!!!

I’m there now!!! where is everyone?

And pmsl at Twist -SkinnyPete…

Had a bit of a chin-wag with Twist… good to chat with ya buddy!!!:smiley:

yea my internet went out lol. idk why it does that. nice chat man.

spk soon mate!!! you take care!

Chat with a tranny anyone??? pmsl…