Thinking About Adding To Or Changing My Setup.

Ok, so I’ve had my Horn long enough that I’m pretty much used to it, and it doesn’t Sound that Loud, even though it is Loud.

Sooo, I came up with the Poll above. Please Vote for what you would do and if you want, say why.

The Horns will be Ran at a Max of 150psi.


get the k3ha i got one and i love it!!!1

buy a k5la and send ur horn to me ;D

i think the k5 is not louder than the k3 right?

only by like 2 or 3 dBs, you cant really tell.

so the k3 is smallet and 2or 3 db louder so go with the k3

And the Nathan’s Consume considerably LESS Air than the Leslie’s right?

I believe so, K5 has a fuller tone… I voted 2 K3s. yea

you have an rs3k right? i dont really know what to tell you. a k3 will not be louder or a
k5. My advice is take it off for a month or two then put it back on and you will be satisfied for a little while lol.

yes nathans consume less air


Are you saying the K5 is louder? Sorry if you aren’t but just to clarify, the K3 is slightly louder.

I say a K5 i like the Fuller tone, a K3 just seems like something is missing.

and i think the reason for this is… u have lets say x amount of air going to 5 bells. thats x/5 but the k3 is x/3 which would mean more air going to the k3 and them being louder?

So then I’m just going crazy, thinking the RS3K isn’t Loud enough?

Should I just add another one? :slight_smile: Along with another Tank and all that other fun stuff.

well if u sell ur rsk how much is it worth

keep it and add a k3… thats my opinion,

Well I’m not so sure I’m Selling it Now! :smiley:

How come pretty much everyone that’s running a Train Horn is using Nathan stuff and not Leslie, if Leslie is the Loudest?

Probably because nathans are more popular and easier to come by than leslies… 5 chime at least. And, nathans do consume less air and are easier to fix if something goes bad. But leslies are louder hands down. Leslie ftw!