Thinking about buying this kit would like some help

I’m new here and I’m wanting to get a train horn just for some laughs but something that not gonna burn a hole in my pocket so I was looking at this
I know nothing about train horns and I couldn’t find a db rating or a review on this on but I did on the smaller one. So I was wondering about how many db’s it would do? And the sound clip and video on the 145 psi and 120 psi are the same. And any basic information I should know would be helpful


Yeah you can’t judge loudness from the videos. You can hear what pitch you like, but seems like they all max out the microphone.

Db ratings are pretty much useless. I could probably get a reading of 150db from my stock horn if I shoved the microphone down it’s throat. So how are other companies getting their readings?

You’re better off picking a tone you like. Pick a kit with good components from a company with a good reputation. Hornblasters has great customer service and -IMO- there is a lot of integrity in the fact they don’t post db ratings. Authentic trainhorns are the loudest - Shockers are the next best thing.

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If you can afford a little more you might be happier with one of the Shocker kits. Most Shocker reviews are good unless they’re being compared to Airchimes or Leslies.

Thanks for the help! I think I’ll just spend the extra money and get the shocker kit.

Welcome! The shockers are a great way to start, you wont be dissapointed.

Save a little extra & get the Shockers!

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