Thinking about mounting a horn on top of my toolbox...

Ok, like the title says, I am thinking about mounting a horn on top of my toolbox. I got the idea from Izzy RSL-3LR mounting the K5HA on top of his toolbox. I would want to build a cover over it though, kinda’ like a dog house, with grills on both ends, painted black to match the toolbox. My K5LA and compressors and air tank are all inside the toolbox, so running the air lines would be a breeze. The hardest part would be building the little metal dog house and welding it to the top of my toolbox.

Here is a picture of Izzy RSL-3LR’s horn mounted on his toolbox:

Here is a view of my truck showing the toolbox:

truck looks bad *** man… as my for preference, I like em concealed. It adds to the hilarity when people look around desperately trying to find where that train is coming from… although they might still do so with them on your toolbox. I would just personally feel funny driving around with those monsters in plain view

Hey man very nice looking ford. Props! If you want I can take some detailed pictures so you can see what i did. Just let me know. And I actually thought that was a real good idea about the dog house. It is hilarious seeing people trying to figure out what it is on my toolbox.:smiley:

i like it outside the tool box but bro leave the horns inside, they look better and that way people don’t know that you are the one with the train horns lol

that’d be sick. the whole black thing would look good i think. but i dunno about building a doghouse thing with grills or w/e over it because if its obstructing your view with the rear-view mirror a cop may not like that…

A lot of trucks have canopys and utility boxes that obstruct the view 100%. So I don’t think a cop would have a problem with it. THen again, one cops opinion might be different from anothers. I had a city officer follow me when I had my horn on top of my toolbox. He passed me, looking at the horn, then smiled at me and waved. That happened three times and never got pulled over.

It would look great but the element of stealth is far superior.

Here ya go a superduty

nice manual valve mount. I like it. :smiley:

and stinkypete is gonna love that chromed out K5. might give him an idea. hehehe

It’s not chrome its polished. It’s not my truck or set up. It’s a friends ride. Posted up a few pics so guys can get some ideas.



WOW I am very impressed. Looks very nice. Your toolbox is a lot sturdier than mine is. I had to put a plate in the inside of my box so that it would be stabalized. If you have more detailed pictures of how you connected everything that would be great. Props Man!

Wow, this thread just keeps giving me more ideas. Thanks guys. Maybe a second K5LA mounted on top of the toolbox, facing toward the rear. Hmmm…

Mate they are the dogs danglie bits!!! how long did it take to get em like that!!! I simply love em!!!

It takes a while. Several steps. find someone in your area whom is very good at polishing metals. Depending on your bells sand casted etc… A place can do them. Fortunately I know someone that does that for a living.

Me too. He uses a special plastic media that leaves the aluminum super-shiny.