this is the horn i want

dude almost dropped his camera

:ADDED: i didnt know they had that on the ship

ya i seen that vid… loud id like to know who makes that kinda horn and where you could get one… id buy one…

Ships have battles when they pass eachother? LOL

Nah they aren’t battling. They’re communicating each other around to keep from having a collision. And Kahlenberg makes a horn that plays music like that. It cost around 15-20,000 dollars. Scroll to the bottom.

and you all thought your K3s and K5s were cool… Pwned lol

Hey i have the Kahlenberg d3 for sale for 350. ill paint it up if you want. Ill also trade for a k3la or a p3

i know that they’re communicating. Thats just what they posted as a title. I had to take a boating class back when i was a teen so that i was able to ride a waverunner without having an adult with me.

k5 or 3 aint got ish on these horns, lol.

thats bada$$

how big are those ship horns???

They are pretty big go to the selling topic and look at my thread for selling kahlenberg d-3 i have it compared to a k-1 bell.

deam those are some big horns!