This is why GHB isnot good

how the fu*k was he driving.???

thats what im trying to figure out

a friend of mine died from that stuff, put antother friend in a coma and they gave it to one of my best friends in her drink but she didnt drink it thank god. our freshman year some seniors put it in their drinks so they could take advantage of them while they were high on ghb… worthless bunch of guys took her life.

sorry to hear all those stories… that sucks man!

all kinds of grugs are bad at the biggining or at the end they will kill u thats my opinion and thats why i have never used it and i wont! well u know a lil of weed its no bad LOL nahhh just kidding hahah

WOW! what a knucklehead! can’t see the value of taking that crap & being like that, your totally useless.What a loser! :mad:

Thats why i just stick to the tequila…

When life hands your lemons…grab the tequila

Wow. I can only imagine what he looked like driving down the road.