Thoughts: Shocker XL with Nitrogen/Co2

First post here! Ive done quite a bit of researching here and I think Im going to go with:

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Along with:

I have a 04 Impala SS, and Im pretty big into car audio. I also somewhat of a sound quality guy, so having a running compressor is out of the question.

From what I can tell on these forums running a nitrogen/co2 tank isnt very popular. I dont plan on driving around blasting all the time. I want it quite simply to scare people.

So, based on the stuff I posted above, how would a system like that compare for example to the $500 horn/compressor kit? My main concern is if the regulator will be able to provide enough flow @ 150 psi to the shockers?

Thoughts on this setup?

I use a similar regulator with a set of Shocker XL’s and it works fine.

Well, It turns out I couldnt find a good local place to get tanks filled, so I went with a tank/compressor.

You couldn’t find an industrial gas company to do it for you? What’s your closest big city, or your metro area?


You can usually find Co2 at a welding supply.

Im in Jacksonville FL.

Im happy I didnt go with the c02 option now. My biggest fear was excessive compressor noise/vibration, but after a little fabrication, and the Viair mount, I can barely tell the compressor is on!

Glad it worked for you!