Threaded fittings on horns...

I was helping do a shocker install and i noticed that when tried screwing the push-lock on the threaded fitting on the horn, we would get it about 5 threads down then the whole thing would spin. I was afraid if we tried grabbing the fitting with pliers we would mess then treads up…i’m ordering my kit wednesday so any advice on how to cure this?

I would just try threading the nipple in the horn more… it may of just not been fully inserted…

ok…we already had the horn bolted to a mounting bracket so we couldn’t see the part of the horn where the nipple was threaded. i’ll keep that in mind. thanks

Besides that, The seal between the nipple and horn dosent have to be air tight… That dosent hold pressure, its just a passage towards the open end of the horn which when you trigger the horn it just goes thru, its dosent build pressure in the line.

I knew it didn’t build any pressure but i was just afraid that when i hit it the line would blow lose or something. i’d hate for it to come lose and be dragging down the road

It happened to my shockers too. I threaded in mine very carefully. not to strip the threads because the horns are actually made of nylon so it can actually booger the threads. Be careful using any thread lockers they can mess up the material the horns are made of.

Good luck,