Thunder's mabe come back

well guys its thunder i have be off the forum for a good wile but i just wonded let yall know that yes i sold my horns and air sistem and i retierd my old truck i am driving a car now and i am relly missen my honken lol so i saving up sum $ to finnly get a K3la and a new air sistem dues enny one have enny sugestens for installing a k3 on a car off hand ? cud use sum help on this till then later yall. thunder

Wasup Thunder?
Probably have to use seperate brackets to fit a k3 on a car.
You heard from Diesel Sniper lately?

If you go with individual mounting brackets you could buy the 1,2,&4a bells seperate without the manifold and save a little $$$ just cause the manifolds alone can be worth $100 just depends on where amd who you buy them from.

im working on installing a k5 on a passat… :slight_smile:

hay Earman sir thanks guys you know i i like that idea i so far have a good idea on ware to mount the horns just all down on what size tank to get but over all thanks for the help guys oh as for Sniper sir hes ben doen good still honken like crazy just his computer has ben down and still looks like no sigh of recovery :frowning: last time spoke with him oh and ya i love the airchimes just thay are $$$$$$ lol. peace

Hey Shocking Thunderpants how’re you doing man, long time no smell?

Hows it hanging?:smiley:

hay StinkyPinky oh i am hanging man still lookin for a K3 hopefly ill snage one.peace thunder

off hand guys what size air tank shud i get for my car ?

At least 5gal tank if running airchimes.

Yeah 5 gallons minimum if you want a K3. You know the deal - more is better. One compressor for every 5 gallons if you want the warranty.

Hey did you get a new phone or computer? It’s weird not seeing your posts in a little column…lol

Welcome back

Lol… I always imagined old thunder typing away on a little nokia 3210 lol lol bless him.

Mr Thunder, a word of advice get the biggest tank you can possibly afford (inc compressors of course) I woz running 8.5G when I had my K3’s, but now, I only need a 5G with my Shockers:D

You got rid of your K3? WTF?!?!?!

I’ve said it before… They woz TOOOOOOOO loud matey!!!

I woz driving around in my “blinged out”, bright Orange metal flaked painted truck, not the most inconspicuous vehicle to be driving around the streets of London in.
I had to be so much more aware of the surroundings, the old bill (police), old ladies, babies in prams, etc etc before I woz able to fire off the K3’s.

I never used the K3’s half as much as I do the Shockers.

Sadly, The K3’s almost ended up being all show and no go:o

I built the truck up and made it into a show piece and sold it on for someone else to enjoy. Its down in Devon now, maybe getting used far more as its all countryside and open land down there, completely the opposite to London.

lol got a new phone pantech persute finnly goen smart phonen lol

Maybe u need a smarter one… lol

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