To buy or not to buy! (compressor identification)

Okay guys, looking at buying a compresor/tank kit

Setup was a test system for an ambulance so has done maybe 3 hours work, its appx 9 years old and the compressor was Blowjax branded, the seller can’t find a model number and I can’t find any info on the net. Wondering if anyone recognizes the model from these pictures.

The whole kit has been offered to me at $160 USD with money back if it doesn’t work.
and includes the following kit;
1x 12volt air compressor & mounting frame,
1x Pressure tank,
1x One way check valve,
1x Inlet hose,
1x Moisture/water trap,
1x Pressure safety valve
1x Pressure switch
1x Solenoid
1x Chassis fuse

I don’t know the brand specifically, but that seems like a decent deal for 160. The money back guarantee makes it a pretty sweet deal.

Quoted for truth. I bet you can settle on $150 and get it.

Keep in mind, though – a 9 year old tank was last hydro tested when? Probably more than 9 years ago…

It looks a lot like a “Puma” compressor.

Right, I brought it. Here is the inside of the tank;

nice looking water separator.

Pressure switch set to 152 PSI off 135 on? No pressure gauge so will test later

175 PSI safety valve?

MFG.NO : LDC 0702261

going to need to find an air filter!

steam punk style relay!! are they produced like this any more? I’ve never seen one (I’m 25!)

Never seen anything like this before, is a “ShortStop” auto fuse. 12v 40amp

…and the leader hose is a “GLOBAL 6G 3/8” (9.5mm) R1 6C1T/1SN EN853 2600 PSI (18.0 MPa) MAX WP FLAME RESISTANT USMSHA 2G-11C >NBR/NBR-PVC< MADE IN USA Z13190

Looks like you got a pretty good deal if everything works.

Yeah, everything works perfectly. I’m 99.9% sure I have a DC5000 - see

Nice, it has a metal rod and probably a metal piston with a ring, unlike those Chinese imports that use a solid nylon assembly.