Toggle switch help

I have a 2013 silverado and wanna put a toggle to use my steering wheel button but not sure how. Also how would I hook it to horn mine, has a relay that works the compressor and a sealonoid is on the horns wasn’t sure how to wire it. I know I would cut the factory wire and run the wire that goes to the wheel to the middle prong and the wire tht goes to the factory horn on the outside prong but not sure where to run the other outside prong to. Would it go to the relay or to the solenoid? On my relay #87 goes to battery #86 is a ground #30 is power wire for compressor and #85 is to the pressure switch on take then to positive so don’t know where to tie n the toggle

Since that relay is for the compressor, it has nothing to do with your steering wheel, DPDT toggle, or solenoid.

There have been a couple threads lately for this wiring on the newer GM trucks. It is probably a negative switched horn. I’ll have to snoop around a little…

As E2E mentioned, there’s a few helpful threads which most likely hold the answers you’re looking for. Have a read of these and get back to us with any questions

Ok so if the truck is a neg switched horn would I run one side of solenoid to battery and the other to the toggle switch?

Negative switched means that the horn button (i.e. switch) needs to be wired into the negative wire since the positive line is always connected to the horn. The negative switched circuits (including diagrams) are fully discussed here:

Yes. In the diagram below, everything is basically backwards. Anything marked + or fuse panel is really the ground side… and instead of grounding the solenoid valve, connect it to a positive source. Make sure to use an inline fuse too.

Ok so I have 2 wires on my factory horn a black one and a green one. I cut the black one and followed the diagram u posted and ran one wire to middle and wire from factory horn to outside prong the I hooked one wire from solenoid to the other putter prong and I ran the other solenoid wire to the battery for a positive when I flip the switch one way the factory horn blows and when I flip the switch the other way it makes the solenoid open without pushing the steering wheel button. What did I do wrong or how do I if it?

It sounds like the wire you picked is a constant ground.
Do you have a test light or multimeter? It would be best to determine which wire does what…both sitting idle & with the horn button pressed.

Yea I have a test light but no meter.

This sounds to me that your horn button (on the steering wheel) is lined into the positive - not the ground.

What you’ve done is cut into the ground wire instead of the positive horn wire. So basically your horn will still work when the switch is in the normal (stock horn) position because the path to ground is active.

When you flick the switch, you’re providing the air solenoid with that same path to ground - so it completes the circuit and opens the valve (no horn button required).

What you need to do is reverse things so that it’s exactly as in the diagram that E2E provided. Splice the SPDT switch into the other wire (green) and then run the other outer pin to the solenoid and then from the solenoid to ground.

I will try that dbo and I will let y’all know how it goes

Ok I will try the green wire to middle and outer pin on switch and run other solenoid wire to a ground. I will let u know what happens

This is off topic but how do I start my own thread

Ok I think it’s working now I hit the steering wheel button and the solenoid opens now I have to just find where to bring the wires in through the fire wall thanks guys y’all was a lot if help if I have anymore questions I will post them. Thanks again

Ok I have a question. The switch I have is an on-off-on I found a on-on but it’s a smaller switch. It says it rated 6A at 125vac would tht switch work or would tht b to small?

The solenoid draws very little, but it’s hard to say what the stock horn draws.
If you want to eliminate any concern, you could put a 5amp fuse inline.

Ok I am finished I have it all hooked up and working y’all were a lot of help I would still b working on it lol. Thanks again

Or use a relay…