i got my first scare with the new horns tonight. me and my girlfriend were leaving the movies. we had just saw I Love You Man. i was trying to back out of my parking spot and the lanes are pretty small so i had to back up then go forward again and then back up again just to get out lol. well while i was backing up there where these stupid high school kids standing behind my truck watching me and would not move. then they started making stupid comments like “keep coming” “you got it big boy, keep backing up”. well i managed to get out just enough to make the turn out and they would not move, so needless to say i blasted them. the one kid making all the douche comments jumped so high he probably could have landed in the bed of my truck. it was hilarious, my girlfriend was cracking up. the kid started yelling and cussing and flicking me off. but it was well worth it :smiley:

LOL i love using the horns

That’s awesome man. I waiting till tomorrow around 3:15 pm when all the elementary kids get out of school and decide to walk down the street 3-4 abreast and ignore the fact they are walking in the middle of the street. I’m going to remind them… =) lol

Ive done that poop before and it scared the honk out of those little Kids

Thats awesome, I have got to get me some horns soon.

you should have blasted him again for cussing you out. lol

“Ahh! This is my nightmare!”

Haha that was a pretty good movie

hahaha nice!!!

Ha i love rolling down main street when its packed full of people and blow the MONSTER SHOCKERS for a full couple seconds and list to the screams followed by a nice Shocker XL echo in the distance.

I went downtown tonight. SO many scares. too bad my video on my camera sucks. :mad: I need a real video camera

I’m constantly out & about, but need someone filming with me or I need to mount the camera or couple of cameras!! I get so many good scares…

My best one I got yesterday woz two tasty girls in very short skirts, walking along, I honked…they screamed and jump and span round looking behind them and stood there cussing the small lorry going the opposite direction to me!!!hahahahahahahaha