Tough day

Ok to set this up it is snowy and COLD here (-47c). I wake up jump out of bed realizing I must be late, look at the clock OH NO I AM LATE! Run around getting ready and fly out the door, jump in my truck let it warm for a min and away I go… But wait why am I not going? I made it half way out of my driveway but now I’m getting stuck! Oh no I’m rocking it back and forth and back and forth starting to get worried I’m right across the back lane just givin’er! (2nd gear I’m getting desperate) Well I must be stuck I get out to see what I was stuck on look at my back tires they are sunk and sunk deep, as I turn around to my horror the bead has popped on my Driver’s front tire! By this time oh god I’m really late, ok ok what to do well I can’t drive it anywhere but I can’t leave it blocking the back lane. Allright I’ll move my mother’s car and get her boyfriend’s Toyota SUV but first I’ll have to dig through the massive snowbank (4ft high 5ft wide). Digging and digging for a long time, ok that looks wide enough and I pull into my neighbor’s driveway and back through the hole in the snowbank. Get my tow rope attach it to my Truck and the Toyota (got the tow rope 2 days ago and hooks for it yesterday and also really lucky he left his Toyota with 4wd and locking diffs here while he is in BC!) So I wake up my sister, she was happy, and get her to steer my truck while I pull it. I’m pulling it and pulling it can barely move it because of the hump the plow has created at the edge of my driveway. I get her to put it in Reverse and give’er (she never drove standard before I was nervous) and I give’er smoking all four tires trying to move it…ok we did it! Tire off jump in the Toyota pedal to the floor arrive at school with 12 mins left in my last class. Just enough time to re-seal the bead. Check it with soapy water the valve stem is leaking… oh well too late now! School done, jump in the Toyota and pedal to the floor. Get home someone else is blocking the back lane, ok I’ll help he just needs a boost. Turns out his starter is fucked and his battery is frozen sorry bud can’t start it for you. Put the tire on my truck (once again just a little reminder its -47c!) Jump in my truck head to work on comes the engine light! Ok I’m at work drive inside pull the tire off cut the valve stem put a new one on seal er up, put my jack tire iron etc. away, scan it. Bad O2 sensor YAY 175 dollars! Whatever I’ll do that later clear the code and pull the truck outside go to walk back inside. Phone rings It’s my sister “where are the keys for the Toyota” me “in my pocket” her “THE CAR’S HEAT DOESN’T WORK!” me"awh" her “pick up mom she is off in 8 mins” me “sigh” Jump in my truck floor it across the city in rush hour traffic, get her, bring her home, jump in her car, COLD COLD COLD, no fan = fogging/freezing fog windows scraper in my right hand steering wheel in the left pedal right down to the floor. Arrive at work take the old one out put the new one in. Then we close. Floor it home. Winter hasn’t bothered me so far, now I’ve had enough!

dang thats REAL cold. it was around 0 degrees F here in Kentucky this morning. Riding a couple miles on my bike to school was not fun. but other than that first day of school was fine lol.

cold? its been 70+ here all week :slight_smile:

ya’ll need to move to florida… im freezing right now and i think its like 55 degrees

thats cause ur a pansy curt

thats the only reason why i hate canada a lived up there for 3 years then i moved down here to miami men this its life! I remember when i woke up to go school and i look outside my window and see everything white and check in the internet and -30 -40 poop bro get dress like 40 mins lol no way i am going back up there here in miami i am all good…

OH OH UPDATE: My belt just came off and I damn near got t-boned! FUN STUFF GUYS! I am having a great day!:smiley: To top it off my truck just c**k-blocked me. Should I sell it for that…

-Miami is sounding good right now

LOL how did it cockblock u

maybe he was going to get laid and his truck broke and then no more warm vag in cold weather

hell it was 45F in my apt this morning @ 5AM checked the net it said it was 27F outside thats cold for orange park fl. supposed to be 23F in the morning " oh boy here we go again" ! :smiley:

Well it turns out my idler pulley kinda “blew up” the bearings inside melted and fell apart making it wobble and that’s what threw the belt off. FIXED!

California is closer to BC and it’s been in the 80s during the day and high 40s or low 50s at night for almost a week.
It’s just too humid in FL during the summer.

i think i have the same problem…is this hard to fix?

Depending on your engine. Do you have RWD? V6? if you do it should be simple. The noise it makes is say you took a metal pulley and held a screw driver against it that dragging noise is what it sounds like. And if it is the problem take your belt off unbolt the pulley (one bolt in the middle of the pulley) and replace it. It is simple as long as you have room in your engine bay.


i have a 4 cylinder rwd…i gotta figure it out cuz the engine just screeechess

screeches? like chirp chirp and a real good squeel when you turn it on? or when it’s under load.(lights, radio pounding, compressors on)

when it turns on…

I had a seized water pump make the belt screech but yours may be the tensioner pulley.

OK whats wrong is your belt is slipping when your alternator loads up. Change your belt, simple fix.


no ive alredy tried to “wet it” or whatever its called…didnt work