Train Horn Air Supply Question

Im looking in to buying my first air system from hornblasters and need help deciding between 150 psi and 200 psi with a 5 gallon tank. at the moment i just have a triple train horn i bought off of ebay but i may be gettin a k5la. can i get some opinions on what i might need? thanks

a k5la is best sounding at 150 psi, i recommend 150, 200 psi is great for the shockers though!

i have a k3 and run them at 200 psi and i love them about a k5 i don’t know but all i know the k3 have a louder pitch

K5LA at 200 psi FTW!

…pitch has nothing to do with loudness:rolleyes:

welcome, loudness sometimes means distortion but the pressure you use depends on the scare factor you want…lol

thats right…lol

Well im def lookin to scare ppl but i would like the horns to sound good also. what psi do locomotives usually blow thier horns at?

145 psi i think

I’ve heard the almost the same thing, usually somewhere around 140 PSI. I would think anywhere from 130 to 150 should be ok.

ok i appreciate the help. but another question. i was actually looking at the shockers because im not exactly sure if i can get ahold of a k5la but i dont know alot about the shockers. can anyone give me a idea in difference in sound and loudness between the shockers and the k5la.

the Shockers are loud. but the K5’s are much much louder.

i like k3 better than the k5 the k5 is bigger, more heavy and the sound is the same…

Shockers at 150psi will scare anyone on your side of the street. Shockers with 200 psi will startle the people across the street. and a K3 or K5 will make people poop themselves. If you have room and cash$$$ for a big tank, solid compressors, and a K3 or K5, go for it. They are awesome. for the rest of us, thats why we got the shockers. haha

my first kit was china made horns then i bought 1 set of shockers then another set of shockers then i sold those two sets and my 5 gallon air tank and i got the k3ha then i bought a 8.5 gallon air tank and another 480c compressor and then i sold my 8.5 gallon and i bought a 7 gallon air tank and thats what i have right now. all that in less than 1 year

around 130 for a train.

get a p3 or k3 if you want a loud horn with good sound. I recently just purchased a p3 andit should be in soon. But if you just want a horn for a quick little scare and a little laugh get a shocker i scare people with mine. but a k3 will make them poop all over themselves :slight_smile:

the shockers are awesome horns!!! i had 8 of them at 200 psi and 1/2 air line and 1/2 valve and trust me i scare the crap out of everyone but an AirChime is an AirChime what can i say… if you have the money get a nathan airchime