Train Horn Identification Failure (STILL UNKNOWN)

My name is Mike R. I am a avid train spotter…some might say addicted but one man’s addiction is another mans enjoyment. Anyway, I am in the market for a new/my first train horn. So…luckily for me, I only live 1 hour from the infamous Roshelle Train Park where the BNSF Aurora Sub and the Union Pacific Geneva Sub cross. I was there yesterday evening and I heard a horn (Video #1) that I think could be new favorite (close fight with Leslie RS3L). I have looked and talked with other train enthusiasts but they can’t find it either. I thought it was a Leslie because of the nice chime where as Nathan is a screamer that says “I’M HERE!!!” but now I just don’t know. It was brought to my attention it could be a diaphragm with replaced horns making it a custom build from multiple models. It made sense but I heard a second train that night going the other way with the same horn (Video #2). I know it’s possible it was just a coincidence and they are custom configurations but I am unsure.

Also, does anyone know if that website is a trustable/reliable and REAL website or just a sham?

They are beautiful horns I might add.

-Roshelle UP Train Horn Identification Video #1
(Horn DOES NOT sound til “1:12”)

The horns in both videos is a K3L/HA. You can easily tell by the notes being blown: D# F# and B.

Are you sure…when a K3HA it decreases in pitch but UP video I have increases it pitch. Any idea?

I think that horn in both videos is a new cast P3 Airchime. There’s a nice video of both old and new here
With regards to your other question, yes is genuine and sells lots of horns. It’s run by Luke Jackson and although there may be the odd disgruntled customer, he also has plenty of happy ones. I bought my K5LLA from him without issues.

Nathan airchime K3LA/ K3HA, sounds to me.

Yes, K3A.

This horn is blowing D# F# and B while the P3 blows C# E and A

Current Union Pacific uses K3la/ha or K5LLA and those were NOT 5 chime. It s A k3 blown through a manuel valve.

OK … changed my mind - when you’re right you’re right. Definitely K3A.
I hadn’t had a chance until this morning to look at i through the analyzer. Here’s the sounds from clip 2 - perfectly matches the expected frequency bands of 311 Hz, 370 Hz and 494 Hz.