Train Horn Install 45

I am seriously considering a train horn kit for my 2010 Chevy 3500HD. I am looking at the Shocker XL horns since they can be mounted individually. I would prefer mounting them behind the grille and would like to see if anyone has done this (I’m sure someone has). I am interested in seeing how they are mounted and what kind of brackets were used.

I don’t have any pictures on hand put but customers with this same install intention mount the horns in the grill using a simple slotted sheet metal or angle iron found at a local hardware store. Or if you have a bigger opening along the frame rails or under the bed you can use the bracket we sell below.

Installing train horns on your Chevy 3500HD sounds like a fun project!Mounting them behind the grille can give your truck a clean and customized look. While I haven’t personally done this, I’m sure there are plenty of resources online or in forums where others have shared their installation experiences.

The Almighty ziptie brackets! This is on my 2017 GMC.

I fat-fingered the description in my original post. It should say 2020 Chevy 3500HD. I failed to get pictures as I was going along, but this is what I ended up doing. Got some 1" x 1/8" steel flat stock, bent ends at (approximately) 90° to fit between the center vertical piece in the Front Bumper Shutter and the ends of the shutter, 2 on each side. I refrained from using slotted stock due to how flimsy it can be. Didn’t want the possibility of the horns bumping into the radiators. You can see the holes in the center of the shutter as well as the right side. Had to play with it some to ensure the horns didn’t interfere with the grille and the radiators. This picture is the shutter with the mounting points circled. I have the compressor and tank mounted in the bed. My only complaint is the hose that came with the horns was not quite long enough to go from the tank to the air valve. Contacted Hornblasters and the only remedy was for me to buy a longer hose. For the price of these things, one would think they would work with you so you don’t have to pay an exorbitant price. And they want you to send them photos of your install with their logo sticker visible, most likely for their advertising. C’est la vie!