Train horn install on my Jeep JK

So I had my horns installed along the frame rail, but one got ripped off when I was off roading…it took me almost three years, but I finally got them relocated and up and running. I bought a high clearance cat back exhaust from pypes to get rid of that huge muffler in the back. I mounted the horns and solenoid to a sheet of metal and put that where the muffler used to be. I put the compressor behind the passenger side tail light. I mounted two 2.5 gallon air tanks on the angled roll bar in the back. I also set it up so I could use it as on board air to fill tires. I’m so happy to have my horns back.

They could still be vulnerable off road. Will you install a skid plate or guard to protect them?

Thinking about it, but they’re far less vulnerable tucked up there. They don’t hang down further than the muffler and I’ve never had any problems with that.

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