Train Horn Kit for Mini Cooper.

Hello. I currently have a 2005 Mini Cooper and i’d like to get one of those loud train horn kits is currently selling. i was thinking about getting the Conductor’s Special Model 565. The boot area has a total size of 14.5x 36 inches of space, there’s more space in the back but my subwoofer is there.

My question is, would the air compressor fit in that 14.5x36" area? and is there any better kits that i should look at that’s under $1,000? Please Help!

I have a attachment picture of where i’d like to put the compressor. It’s all the way in the back of the car. How big is the air compressor anyways?:confused:

Also! If it does fit, would i be able to run the horns on top of my car’s roof, through the weather stripping of the back door?

The air compressor and air tank would fit in that space behind your sub… there is someone that lives behind my brother with a Mini that has train horns… the only “Hard Part” would be to find a place to mount the horns themselves… my brother had a mini cooper and there wasn’t much room.

You should be able tp fit them by the crush bars. Click my link to the Honkccord build in my sig to see what im talking about.