Train Horn or Air Horn kit

I’m looking for the whole kit with instructions on how to install it. My limit is $300 and the cheapest one on the site is $404 which I can’t afford. Anyone interested in selling a perfectly good horn?


i can sell u my horns 210 shipped

Is this only the horns or the whole kit?


its just the horns. u can get a cheap kits from hornblasters.

if u get this:

with mine it will work and u can stay under 350.

Thatts ur best bet

edit: forum members get what 10% off?
so thats: a total of $335

sounds good to me dude. How many horns are you selling?


All four of them of course so u get that sound ur supposed to

Sounds like we have a deal. These are in good condition right? Can you hold onto it until the eighteenth. I need to gather y funds.

yes i can. i can take more pics if u like also, email me an we can talk…