Train Horn Pranks #6

Hey guys I just posted a new video. This time we got pulled over by rent a cops haha. Check it out. Thanks

haha i loved it as usual, those werent cops were they?

We had mall security chasing us last time, thats what they looked like :stuck_out_tongue:

heh silly rent a cops… u shoulda blasted them why they were in the back then just drove off…

Yea man they have no authority to stop you, I would never pull over for yellow lights. I would just blast them… but anyways, awesome video as always!

Yeah I know they have no authority lol. But they all surrounded me like 8 cars and I couldn’t escape haha.

Lol lol. thats awesome. sucks but oh welll. all worth the fun.
if you coulda honked and drove off you woulda beat your getting kicked outta walmart vid, lol lol

fcuking awesome vids dude!!!

Epic. I don’t know what’s funnier, you blastin people or listening to you two laughing you’re a$$e$ off after doing it.

Great job!