Train Horn Problem Please Help

I’ve had a train horn for several years (not sure brand.) I removed it from my car and it sat for about a year. I just installed in my truck and now as soon as the compressor kicks on, sound starts emitting from the horns without touching the button. Any ideas what could be wrong/faulty? Thanks for any help.

Not sure what you have here. Need more info. What type of compressor are you using, what size tank, what type of solenoid are you using, how is it plumbed and wired? Any pics?

My guess would be to check the solenoid, this is what allows air to the horns. I had to replace mine for a similar issue, randomly my horn went off and emptied out my tank, I just had to let the tank empty out and cut the compressor off because similar to your issue, when I powered the compressor on, all of the air would immediately blow out the horn, so the solenoid essentially sounds like its stuck in the open position.

Sounds logical, thanks for the help!

Just changed the solenoid, still happening. Went to remove new solenoid and it’s BURNING hot. Only had compressor on for 2 secs and turned off. Something is def not right. Any other ideas?

Can you post some pictures? It would seem your solenoid is a dead short if it’s getting that hot in a few seconds. They should run for an hour or more in their respective activated state.

Great info Keep sharing