train horn questions guys i need some help

whats up guys hope you are all doing well. My horn is called the 3 chrome chime horn yes its a old one i bought it two years ago. it stopped working July 7th. My pressure was the issue so i bought i new one. NOW a new problem it works but i cant get the horns blow i called the company and they say diaphragms go bad but played with it a little more and the began to work thank god but i was wondering if any knows if the diaphragms do go bad over two years of light use

Hey buddy sorry to inform you that your diaphragms go bad even after 1 month of continous 200 psi pressure through them…

he never said he used 200psi tho…

my tank doesnt go to 200 it stops at 150 its never gone higher then that i am even turning it down because my tank seems to be working way to hard to get to 150

if its working super hard to get to 150…its time for a better compressor… actually just call matt at hornblasters and get yourself a 200psi shocker kit… you’ll be happy you did!!

i cant remember but i dont think my compressor ever went that high i think hornblasters sent me the wrong pressure switch when i ordered a new one so i had to drill and tap a bigger hole to make it fit cause i wasnt going to wait another week to get a new one i like the company no beef with them but the people i think sometimes are totally lost when it comes to knowing there product

If it’s one of those truck stop chrome horns, then yes, they do go bad pretty quick. I had a Siege Engineering horn and it had plastic (that’s right lol) diaphragms. They never really went bad but they got gummed up from sitting up and dust getting inside of them. I had to take them apart and wipe em off.

no its a complete train horn kit from them

im sure if you call them they will make it right if it was in the product or their mistake!!.. but then you always pay for what you get and if it was a cheap set up then i’m not sure of the life span!! clean the diaphrams make sure your getting air and they should work fine! lol

Just because it’s from them doesn’t mean it isn’t a “truck stop horn”. I call all the chrome horns that lol

still give horblasters a call because they do stand behind their product.

what do you mean you had to drill and tap into your air tank…? why didnt you just buy some brass fitting reducers

Ya’ know… a few photos would clear up a lot of confusion here…