Train Horn Switch

i was on here a few months ago, just snopping around. i finally registered. i am looking for a remote push button switch. one of you guys use to activate your horn. i am currently searching on amazon looking for it but i cant find it. from what i remember it was a push button swith with a accordian kinda cord on it and the guy mounted it with a maglite lite holder. if anyone can help me find it, it would be much appreciated thanks

something like this

yap. i just found it on amazon too thanks

cool, welcome to the forum.

thanks man i appreciate it. ill have a write up of my instal in a month or so just saving up some money for a model 548

Geesh do i gotta copyright my pictures now :wink:

I did get it from your link… lol

im still trying to figure out what kit to get. im thinking the conductors special model 540. but i was thinking about ordering a 12 gallon tank as well. should i get another compressor too or is one good enough. thanks guys

12 gallons on 1 compressor is going to be rough to fill lol. At least get 2 compressors for 12 gallons. and the 540 kit is a good choice

thats what i thought thanks.

Welcome! Yeah 12 gal is great, but you’ll find yourself wanting to add another compressor in no time. FYI HB does sell refurbished compressors if you want to save a little $.

Thanks bigyella. i just read your thread. im thinking about doing the same thing but im gona put the horns in my grill. im hoping to put two of the pumps in the tool box and have the tank under my tool box. I just dont wana lose all my space in my tool box cause i use it. But my gfs buying me a set next month for my birthday lol so i cant wait my friends are gona hate me lol. I was also wondering if i run 1/2 line to the horns will they be louder because of the bigger amount of air volume?

Sounds good. Check out some of the other threads from guys who have those horns. I know with my horns there are guys using 1/2" ID lines and they say they are much louder but I’m not really versed on the shockers. HB can help ya when you call them too and there’s a good chance one of the guys on the forum will help ya here…

Yes get the 1/2" line and valve upgrade it is well worth it!