train horns on a jeep cherokee

Nice install man. Sorry I didn’t get to help. I’d be careful with them being aimed forward. Might wanna find something to put over the bells so you won’t get stuff inside.

wow they look alittle close to the ground

Looks good but yea close to the ground. I hope you don’t hit a dog or anything.

yes they are indeed close to the ground about 10 3/4 inches to be exact but there is nowhere else to put these, period. unless yall know something I dont about cherokees. I can always buy some more if i trash em. I would like some bonnets…Anyone have suggestions as to where to get them. hope i dont hit a dog either with or without the horns.

You might have to call those people I listed above but I know they sell the blue ones. Oh, and you could also make your own out of the stuff that screens on windows are made of and some zip ties… might be ghetto fab but if it works lol

haha ive got no prob with getto i thought maybe pantyhose…for bonnets only that is


u can mount them under the front bumper and have them stick out i had mine like that for a while but i am taking mine apartand mounting them all seperately

I am goin to cut out the body pan and have them recessed in the truck underneath the backseat and i cut a peice of 1/4 inch steel and made a skid plate to protect them