train horns

I was wondering how good the diablo train horn is or the maximizes level 3. I don’t want to spend my money and think I should have bought the other one. But I want to buy a loud one that is close to the top of the line . Do either one of those get good ratings?

The shockers would be a better way to start IMO. If you want top of the line get a nathan airchime. Otherwise the shockers are definitely a good alternative.

Welcome. I’ve seen a lot of guys on here who started with cheaper horns and they all wish they had started with something better. Shockers may not be the best but they’re great for the price.

Buy a Nathan save a little longer and get a k5. Or k3. They sound great.

I tend to agree with 63…The shockers are loud but they’re just noise.No harmony to them.I started out with a set of United Pacific knock offs.They dont sound bad for what I’ve got in them.My ideal horn is the K5LA…Always love the sound of them…