TrainHorn Equipped Smart car for sale

Just putting it out there, unfortunately our much loved Smart car is now on fleabay! As some of you already know, I have been busy busy busy trying to finish the inside of the house & now We are finally moving to a bigger house & so it must go, we already have 5 cars outside the house at the moment & despite moving to a place with a double & single garage (perfect for installing Horns) the little Smart car is surplus to requirements. I just bought a new little diesel van which boasts a 60mpg fuel consumption, so I want to let someone else enjoy the fun in the Smart car.

Good luck with the sale Stinky. I hope you find a keen buyer who can appreciate the unique aspects of a car like this. It’s a limited audience.

I remember when we sold my wife’s Swift, I initially advertised with the horns, but people just kept looking at me like I was f’n crazy! I ended up taking the horns out and the car sold within couple of weeks. Oh well - at least I still have a set of Shockers sitting on the garage shelf waiting for another install :slight_smile:

Hahahaha I advertised it on the E of Bay with a reserve of £750, & only if the car reached over £1050 would I sell it with the HORNs! It actually reached £900 & so just as I was preparing to take it all out, the guy who bought it said for the sake of £150 he would pay the difference & have it with the Horns!

He picked it up on Sunday… :oI can honestly say I was quite sad to see that little car go!!!
I did have one last little run round the block scaring as many people as I could, knowing full well the car would be over 100miles away at its new home!