We are proud to announce that the site is now live! We look forward to everyone’s participation in making this the leading train horn community online.

If you have any questions or any suggestions please feel free to PM any of the site admins or mods.


This a pretty cool site and wish ya’ll luck. Another member gave me the link from custom tacos. Dogstoy. :slight_smile:

Why wasnt this forum made along time ago? lol
Im def gonna be on here alot!

Having trouble logging into the app

If by app your talking about TapaTalk, I have the same issues, haven’t been able to log in for months.

Anyone else not seeing the forum and all the icons loading up properly?


Thanks! I’ll be patient. :smiley:

I’m still getting security certificate warnings and can’t see anything but text.

Looks like its coming together, the board appears normal to me now! Still can’t access Tapatalk, but I am sure that is in the works. Looking good! :cool:

I’m still getting a security certificate warning.