aspirate (suck)

Based on their website and sound clips, I sent for a “Landslide” horn kit. Supposed to take 7-10 business days. I called after 10 days and the order hadn’t even been shipped. 21 days later the kit arrived with a damaged tank (not from shipping) and missing plumbing connectors and wiring. Some of the parts that were included had pipe dope and teflon tape on them. Danged if I know where some of these fittings go. There was no parts list or part numbers and only a cryptic diagram for wiring. I spoke with “Tom” and asked for a parts list. He agreed and never sent it. I sent detailed pictures of what I received, damaged tank and all and after not hearing anything, called for a return authorization to send the whole mess back for a refund. One of their flunkies (Chris) was evasive and claimed that they would exchange the tank, but no returns. Also, he said the pictures I sent represents what is normally included.
3 days ago I was told that a new tank had been shipped and UPS was going to pick up the damaged one- haven’t seen either yet.
Guess you don’t always get what you pay for - steer clear of these jokers!

If they wont help yout out take it to the BBB! And contact your credit card company and file a claim.

If they still wont return it , sell it on ebay and buy a real kit from

You wont regret it!

Sorry for your loss. Hope you get things worked out

Unbelieveable…def contact BBB. Hornblasters is the way to go. Im a new customer of theirs and the kits are great

The BBB is basically a complaint department, nothing more. They don’t have any bark or bite … think more like a mute toothless Chihuahua that shakes really bad and shiz in the corner. Or behind the couch.

Your best bet would be to contact the State Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Affairs (for the state where the business resides) and register a complaint with them. They are much more effective at complaint resolution than the BBB ever wishes it could be.


But at least by filing a claim with BBB you can warn others about them.

Sorry you had a bad experience, shoulda bought from hornblasters they have the best Customer Service.

Welcome to the forum and thanks for the warning

yea i already knew about them… you live u learn… buy from… u wont be disappointed…